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Shane Smith


Born to a house painting wrestling fanatic, and a god fearing restaurant manager, Shane was fighting an uphill battle towards logic from day one.  With moving from town to town, living the crazy life of a single-wide trailer kid, he had quite a few experiences.  Somehow he persevered and found his way out and into the world where he used his gift of logic to locate some like-minded folks and create music.  After trying different bands, he found one to make music with for years.  After that ended and after getting bored with the humdrum of life, he had to find something to do and he called up his buddy Kenny and they hatched a plan to write, direct and produce a feature film.  After conquering the film world, and seeing the film get made, Shane decided it was time to find a way to tell his story and decided that he wanted to drag his friend Ken Baldwin into it, and this is how Now That I’m Older was born.

Ken Baldwin


As a baby, Ken was found by a roving bunch of ninjas on the banks of the trained him and taught him the ways of invisibility. But, Ken soon realized with his super-human ability to see through copious amounts of bullshit, that they weren’t disappearing at all, they were just closing their eyes really tight. When Ken brought this up to them, they told him that his training was complete. They called him an asshole, told him to mow the grass one last time, and kicked him, uh, sent him out to travel the world to hone his abilities. Ken traveled the world and met people from all walks of life: Christians, Atheists, Salespeople, Politicians, Waffle House servers and the like. They were keen to know more about his superpowers and went out of their way to make casual (read: pointless and self-centered) conversation, but in doing so, they uncovered his second superpower: the power to call them out on their bullshit.

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