NTIO #107 Kenny & the Cats

March 02, 2017

Hello and welcome back to another installment of Now That I’m Older, who reminds you that your back is just going to feel like that from now on. It sucks but we’re here…deal with it. This week we talk about cats. First off, we discuss a cat with nothing to lose, who took on 7 pitbulls. Don’t wanna spoil anything on that one, but let’s just say it doesn’t turn out like you think it does. Then Kenny talks about his mean cat, Whitey and we close the show out with a dude with a hairless cat named Demon that he gave gang tattoos too.

This week we spun promos for The Neverland Podcast (@NeverlandPCast) and The Super Movie Bros. (@SuperMoviePod). We also shouted out Nerds with Words (@nerdswithwords1); Twisted Philly (@twisted_philly) and The Car Sessions Sports Report (@chet_ohara). Check out the #PodernFamily on Twitter and show these shows some love!

So check out the show and tell everyone you know about it. Even your uptight boss that you’re sure doesn’t like you. Like she cuts her eyes away every time you talk and finds a reason to walk out of the room when you’re in it. Stop stressing about whether she likes you, and tell her about our show. We may gain a listener and you may gain a friend. WIN / WIN! Just don’t be too aggressive and get fired…that’s all you.


  1. Tom Gulley says:

    Loved it. But then again…I’m older.

    1. NTIO Shane says:

      Thank you so much for checking out the show!

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