NTIO #111 Kenny is a Pirate (kinda)

March 30, 2017

Hello and welcome to another week of Now That I’m Older! This week we start out with a story about realizing you’re not cool and how you deal with that. Then we get into how Kenny may very well be a pirate who is on the no fly list for an entire country. We also have a visit with Da Boss, Stephanie, dropping her ghetto knowledge on us, and then we we close the show with Kenny telling us his one real rule for religion, and unlike Kenny, it’s really rather simple.

The week we shouted out Tomfoolery: the podcast (@tomfooleryblog) Let’s Chat Geek (@letschatgeek) After Thoughts Podcast (@aftrthoughtspod) and we spun promos for Parlipod (@parlipod); Ice and the Face (@iceandtheface). Check out these great #PodernFamily shows!

This week your homework is simple…tell your significant other about Now That I’m Older. Now before you say, “but NTIO my wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend isn’t into podcasts” or “he/she has a certain list of shows he’s/she’s into and getting them to try something new will be hard!” if they’re not into podcasts they’re not the one for you. Seriously, you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. And if they’re not up to trying new shows, you can probably do better…just saying!

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