NTIO #116 The One About Dinosaurs

May 03, 2017

Hello and welcome back to another episode of Now That I’m Older. Where two best friends sit down to discuss their crazy past. One of these friends is hell-bent on the total destruction of the podcast and the other is…Shane.

This week Shane and Kenny get all up in a discussion on dinosaurs.  They get into a list of facts that you may think are true about dinosaurs, but are absolutely not.  Then we have another installment of This Week With Da Boss, Shane’s real life Facebook Friend who is how you say…rachet AF.

This week we shouted out some PodernFamily shows: We The Blue, That’s My Shit Podcast and Happily Never Equal. We also spun promos for Wisecracking with Winter and Poop Culture.

So check out the show and tell everyone you know about the show. Especially people who own birds. You ever noticed how most of those people are quirky, bordering on weird? I mean I’m not knocking your choice in pet, but it’s a bird. What do they do besides poop and sqauwk? Are you getting affection from your bird companion? I don’t get it! And forget having a dog or cat that roam free, with a bird in the house. That’s just asking to get your bird-loving heart broken by a bunch of feathers in Whisker’s the Cats mouth. Where was I going with this?


Oh yeah, tell people with birds about NTIO. They’re slightly off and so are we!

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