NTIO #118 Camel Work

May 17, 2017

Hello and welcome back to another episode of NTIO! This week is really all about relationships. Our first clip involves how Kenny is dating a girl that he has absolutely no connection with, and he is fine with that. Then we move into our second clip and how sometimes married people have to be shut down by single people when they get out of control.

This week we shouted out the #PodernFamily shows: Crossover University, Strange But False and Exploding Helicopter. We also spun promos for:
Podcast with No Aim and Quality Viewing Habits.

Thanks for checking out the show and tell a friend. Seriously. Stop ignoring this part at the bottom and being like, “well Kenny made me laugh and Shane was well Shane again. I’ve got all I need from these two and I can go on about my day!” Seriously you better tell a friend or we’ll tell on you. Yep, how you like that? We’re telling your mom!

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