NTIO #143 Kenny’s (NOT) Big Trip

November 09, 2017

Hello and welcome to another week of a show where the hosts remember when the Simpsons were still just a skit on another show, or as we like to call it, Now That I’m Older. This week we start out talking about the beginning stages of online dating and how it sometimes could be a little scary. Then we jump into talking about Kenny’s trip to Texas and all the craziness (or lack thereof) that went along with it. Then we close the show out talking about one of everyone’s favorite topics, doctors and how sometimes they can be real pieces of…work. Then we close the show out talking about how Quik powder and Quik overall sucks, whether it is chocolate or strawberry!

This week we shouted out the following #PodernFamily shows: HELLoLIFEWTF; Around the World in 80’s Movies and FantasyFootballNoise. We also spun promos for ThatFilmStewPodcast and Two Peas On A Pod.

So check out the show and tell everyone you know about it. Even the hipster guy pecking away at his typewriter while you try to enjoy your coffee at a Starbucks. He wants you to pay attention to him anyway, so why not walk up to him and give him the attention he deserves? So after you pour coffee in his typewriter for being a douche who would still use a typewriter, maybe slide in a plug for NTIO!

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