NTIO #147 Shane’s Cursed Drums

December 07, 2017

Hello and welcome to a show with two guys who remember when Kevin Spacey was Kaiser Soze and not a perv, or as we like to call it, Now That I’m Older. This week we drop into a story where Shane tries to do something nice for his Maw Maw at Christmas, but he screws it up royally. Then we drop into a story about a set of cursed drums that belonged to Shane and where he sold them. And finally we close the show with a story about Kenny’s peculiar relationship with mothers that are not his own.

This week we shouted out the following #PodernFamily shows: TALKS ON DOCS; Boo, Y’all and Not Your Little Lady and spun promos for 365Flicks Podcast and SuddenDoubleDeep .

So check out the show and tell everyone you know who owns a bird about it. No particular reason, other than I find birds and the people that own them to be odd and it will be better that it is you talking to them than me! Have a great week!

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