NTIO #150 – Dr. Snitch

December 28, 2017

Hello and welcome back to another week with two guys who remember when no one cared that Bert and Ernie might be “special friends” or as we like to call it, Now That I’m Older. This week we start out with a dastardly plan by some high school girls. Then we move into talking about messing up so bad at your job that you cost the airport where you work and the city where you work millions of dollars. We also touch on the doctor who got busted signing people’s livers. Then we close the show with a story about Shane’s son leaving the nest sometime soon.

This week we shouted out these #PodernFamily shows: Thefilmforecast; Brown About Town LDN and SciFiDFDriveInPod. We also shouted out: Weird Darkness and Odd Dad Out.

We wanted to take a second here to say, Thank you! To each and everyone of you. Especially to those who read the show notes all the way through and tell your friends and family about us. You make this awesome to do. Here’s to the final NTIO of 2017 and to the new year and all the awesome things we have planned for you guys!

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