NTIO #151 – It Lives! (Or At Least Smacks You)

January 04, 2018

Hello and welcome to a show that remembers a simpler time, like when the professor had his choice of the girl next door in Mary Ann or the Hollywood Starlet known as Ginger, or as we like to call if, Now That I’m Older. This week, we start out with a story about the time Shane had to rescue his wife from a crossfit tragedy. We then read some of the reviews we have gotten on iTunes and after that we move into discussing how awesome our New Year’s Eve’s were for Kenny and Shane, which included doing nothing at all, and it was glorious. Then we close this week’s show out with the possibility of Shane being the conservator of Kenny’s estate and how he wants to make Kenny a poseable corpe at his wake.

This week we shouted out: ReelisticallySpeakin ; Brodette Nation Podcast and Crime Smith: A True Crime Podcast and we spun promos for: The Boondoggle and More Gooder Than Podcast.

Thanks guys for checking out the show. This one is dedicated to all the people wearing fanny packs out there right now. These folks have decided to forgo the trappings of good fashion and are choosing convenience over their reputation. Good for you Fanny Pack Guy (or Girl) this NTIO is for you!

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