NTIO #152 County Jail or County Fair?

January 11, 2018

Hello and welcome to another week of a show where the hosts remember a time when you didn’t give a damn about the president’s Twitter account or as we like to call it, Now That I’m Older.  This week we jump into a story about Kenny getting his mom into a LOT of trouble at Christmas a couple of years ago.  We also talk about how Kenny believes county jail is way worse than prison.  We also talk about parenting in the 80’s and then we close the show out with Shane explaining his ideas to make the prison visitation a lot more enjoyable and profitable for the whole family!

This week we shouted out Quiet TownOf Myth and Mercy and Taking out the Trash Podcast and we spun promos for Poop Culture ® and 365Flicks Podcast.

This week’s show goes out to all the people out there that own birds. Whether your bird talks to you, or just hangs around your house…what the hell are you doing? These are birds? I’m sure your bird loves you but it’s a little weird and all of us people that don’t own birds are giving you the side eye. Except this one bird I saw recently on a Christmas show that could whistle Jingle Bells. That bird was ok I guess. Well anyway, thanks for checking out the show!

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