NTIO #154 Level 20 Beach Bum

January 25, 2018

Hello and welcome back to a show where the hosts are fine yelling at the kids on their lawn, or as we like to call it, Now That I’m Older. This week we start out with some of the crazy thoughts that run through Kenny’s head, then we share some of our drunk stories and we close out the show with a story about a guy who may have figured out the key to happiness and he’s technically homeless!

This week we shouted out these #PodernFamily shows: Unbecoming of Age; Crime709 Podcast and Pod Damn Sports ‏and we spun promos for: AfterBurn739 and The Countdown Pod

This week’s show is dedicated to the football fans everywhere that are in mourning right now. Some of us remember when the Super Bowl was about the two best teams playing and crowning a champion. Now it’s a 4 hour extravaganza, complete with medley’s of pop hits and even Janet Jackson’s boob. Oh and let’s not forget the yearly Tom Brady appearance. This week’s NTIO is dedicated to that guy! Have a great week everyone!

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