NTIO #97.1 Take This Job & Shove It

December 08, 2016

Hello and welcome back to the magic carpet ride we call Now That I’m Older! This week we start out with losing your innocence, during Christmas time, at a very young age. Then we jump into a list of people that got fired from their job on the first day. This leads us to talking about some of the crappiest jobs we’ve had and the ways we dealt with them. Then to close things out, we discuss the importance of fiber in someone our age bracket.

Check it out and this year, maybe instead of gifts you get people the gift of Shane and Kenny. We don’t cost a thing, and we are the gift that will give back on a weekly basis. Way better than that Soda Stream you got people a couple of years ago, or Snuggies. Remember when everyone was giving out Snuggies like one day the world would collapse and we could use them as currency? Well the gift of NTIO is way better than that!

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