NTIO #117 Shoot First…Ask Questions Never

May 11, 2017

Hello and welcome back to another week of NTIO, with your hosts Shane (aka the Ring Master) and Kenny (aka Head Clown). This week we talk about a guy who climbed to the top of a church to throw things at the people below. Then we discuss Kenny’s desire to not only shoot someone but his desire to shoot first, in any situation. Then we close with a story about the craziest party story we have where someone gets naked and not in the good way.

This week we shouted out Gamer Science Underground , Stuff With Andy Podcast and American Unicorns. And we spun promos for In Poor Taste Podcast and Gareth’s Random Ramblings

So check out the show and tell everyone at work about it. Maybe you go into your bosses office and tell him about this badass podcast that you listen to called Now That I’m Older. Maybe he loves it. Maybe you get that raise you’ve been hoping for. Then again, he may fire you for trying to expose him to Kenny. On second thought, don’t tell the boss.

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