NTIO #115 Kenny is a Film Critic, Kinda

April 27, 2017

Hello and welcome back to the wide world of Shane trying to control the show and Kenny defying him at every turn! This week we are joined by a friend of ours from the #PodernFamily Nick (from the Epic Film Guys/ We get into movies, including Nick’s unreasonable dislike for The Goonies and how Hateful Eight could’ve been better. We also get into Nick and Shane having to wrangle their co-hosts, Nick’s “Epic” stories and a whole lot more!

This week we shouted out Miller Times Pod, ScreenTrax Podcast and Pinot Noir Podcast. We also spun a promo for Jake & Tom Conquer the World.

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This week go home and make your dog listen to the podcast. Your dog loves you, so love him or her right back with a little Aural Ecstasy!

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