NTIO #121 Wonder Whiners

June 08, 2017

This week we start our with Shane’s first ever flying experience and the flight attendant that doesn’t give any fucks. Then we move into the hilarious outrage over the fact that some people actually got triggered into anger over a one day early screening for Wonder Woman, you know the numero uno super hero for women, for just women. Like some people were acting like the government was taking away their children over this! Then we move into talking about bullies. Sometimes you are the bully (Kenny) and sometimes you get beat up by a bully (Shane)

This week we shouted out: Wrong Think Podcast, Mental Dam Podcast and That’s a Shame Podcast. We also spun promos for @ThisFreakinShow / @GrawlixPodcastThis Freakin Show and Grawlix Podcast.

Thanks a lot for checking out the show and let someone you just met at a party know about the show. Like get smashed drunk and just yell NOW THAT I’M OLDER over and over until they agree to listen. Or if you don’t go to parties, try doing that in the bathroom at work. Thanks a lot!

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