NTIO #140 Weaponized Tuna

October 19, 2017

Hello and welcome to another week of two guys who remember when Mel B was just a Spice Girl or as we call it, Now That I’m Older. This week we start out with a story of an agoraphobic record producer and learning when to speak up. Then we have a story about heading to Savannah for the weekend and how Kenny got separated from the rest of the party. Then we move to a story about drones in Australia and we discuss if the original explorers were great men or just the best players ever at a game of global dibs!

This week we shouted out these #PodernFamily shows: The Filmmakers Podcast; Are We Doing This Right? and Who Invited This Guy? and spun promos for Insession Film Podcast and Jake and Tom Conquer the World.

So check out the show and tell every person you know who doesn’t like bacon about the show. Because let’s face it, if someone doesn’t like bacon, they probably are pretty bitter about life and you could give them the gift of NTIO and maybe brighten their otherwise soulless existence.

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