NTIO #146 Half The Man

November 30, 2017

Hello fellow travelers and welcome to the post-Thanksgiving NTIO. Are you sick of leftovers yet? Do you hate the idea of another Turkey sandwich or pot pie, or warmed over Mac and Cheese so much that you’re ready to scream? Well good, we’re glad you had a great Thanksgiving and gross leftovers are part of it. So stop whining and let’s get on to this week’s show. We start out with a story about never playing around on the phone and the consequences when you do. Then we move into talking about how Kenny ran away from home as a little child, but did not get that far. Then we close the show with a story about how Shane is half the man he used to be…literally.

This week we shouted out these awesome #PodernFamily shows: Anansi Storytime; I’m Talking To Jew and the Podcast Review Show and spun promos for: EveryoneHasAPodcast and Grawlix Podcast .

So check out the show and tell every person you know who is already complaining about people saying “X-mas” instead of “Christmas” about the show. It’s apparent that somewhere along the way, their life became a dark chasm of loneliness. So much so, that the only thing they get excited about is correcting an abbreviation and the smug satisfaction of being right. These people are obviously going nowhere fast and a little humor might help their otherwise depressing existence.

BTW: Die Hard is still not a Christmas Movie (sorry X-mas)

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