NTIO #153 When Toxic Becomes Fatal

January 18, 2018

Hello and welcome back to another episode of a show where the two hosts know exactly who was the boss…it was Tony.  Or was we like to call it, Now That I’m Older!  This week our show is a little different than our normal show.  This week Shane serves as a producer without a mike, as Kenny interviews Nikkey about her having to deal with a friendship she has had since she was ten.  She tells the tale of a best friend that slowly became a toxic relationship, until she finally had to cut it off.  So we get a lil serious this week.

This week we shouted out these #PodernFamily shows:  Meddling Kids Pod; Dame, Sports & Entertainment and Nerd On! The Podcast and spun promos for Gareth Thomas and Jake & Tom Conquer the World. Check them out!!!

And this week, the show goes out to anyone who is dealing with a friend that they know is bad for them, but they just keep wanting to give them another chance. That one friend that always takes but never gives. And this show goes out to those dealing with the moment finally comes to let them go. Have a great week guys!

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