NTIO #112 The Great Car Wreck Adventure

April 05, 2017

Hello and welcome back to Now That I’m Older, where we talk about how getting older sucks, like when you realize that no, those aren’t blonde hairs…you legitimately have gray in your beard. This week we start out with talking about how home ownership kinda sucks from time to time. Then we get into a harrowing tale of Kenny’s car accident and how a car miraculously appeared out of nowhere, in his lane.

This week we shouted out Deezus Take the Reel (@deezusTTReel); The Friend You Need Pod (@TFYN__Podcast);
Imperfect Podcast (@hecklerkane) and spun promos for In Session Film Pod (@insessionfilm); Soiled Restroom Cinema (@signals_of_fury). Be sure to check out these great #PodernFamily Shows!

And this week the only thing we want to say is enjoy yourself. Take this next week to get as much rest and relaxation in as you can because next week we’re are toying around with the idea of having you guys go door to door to tell people about the show. Thanks a lot guys!

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